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ANSI/UL325 2010 Update August 29, 2010 - FAQ

Manaras-Opera complies to the revised United States National Standard: ANSI/UL325

As of August 29th, 2010, the United States ANSI/UL325 requirements for Commercial Door Operators was revised. In short, CDO's will now have to monitor an external entrapment protection device (photo cells, sensing edge) or must function in constant-pressure-to-close, in order bear a NRTL mark (UL, CSA).

What is the name of the standard?
Door, Drapery, Gate, Louver, and Window Operators and Systems.
What is the scope of ANSI/UL325?
This standard covers three basic products:
  • Residential Operators
  • Gate Operators
  • Commercial/Industrial Operators

The major revision on August 29th 2010 is for CDO's. Official UL325 scope click here.

What is being revised in 2010?
Section 30 of the standard now requires that Commercial/Industrial Door Operators monitor an external entrapment protection device or otherwise function in constant-pressure-to-close.
Are UL standards laws?
No, UL Standards are NOT laws.áRefer to the UL's FAQ here (click on the 2nd question).
Is compliance to UL 325 mandatory?
No, UL 325 is a voluntary design/manufacturing standard.
What is Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)?
Authority Having Jurisdiction can be the city, the county, the building inspector, etc. AHJ will have the final say whether or not your application needs to meet a given standard.
Is a Commercial Door Operator a consumer product?
No, a Commercial Door Operator is not a consumer product.
How does UL 325 define a Commercial/Industrial Door Operator?
It is an operator intended for commercial or industrial building areas where the operator is used for vehicular traffic and/or securing entrances. Examples: multi-family housing units (three or more single-family units), hotels, garages, retail stores, or loading docks.
Can Commercial/Industrial Door Operators manufactured prior to August 29, 2010 still be sold, installed or repaired?
Yes, they can still be sold, installed or repaired after the new UL standard takes effect August 29, 2010. UL325 is not an installation standard; it is a design/manufacturing standard. Only operators manufactured after this date will have to be compliant to the new standards in order to bear a NRTL mark.
Can auxiliary non-monitored protection devices be installed?
Secondary non-monitored protection devices, such as a pneumatic sensing edge, are permissible, but only in conjunction with the primary monitored protection devices. They will be independent of each other.
Can I detach the monitored protection devices that came with my operator and replace them with others bought elsewhere?
If the monitored protection devices are disconnected from the operator, the operator will revert to constant-pressure-to-close. Entrapment devices, other than those supplied with the operator, will not work.

Do you have any other questions? Please help us improve our ANSI/UL325 FAQ section, send us an email with your questions.

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